Emergency Electrician Las Vegas

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Emergency Electrician Las Vegas

Emergency Electrician Las Vegas

We rely on our electrical systems for nearly everything in life—from heating and cooling the air to powering our devices. Unfortunately, electrical issues can occur at any given time.

If you are experiencing any electrical problem in your home or office, Callidus Electric can help. We have a representative available 24/7 to answer your call in case of an emergency. 

What To Expect When You Call Us

If you're dealing with smoking, burning, or sparking electrical wiring or devices, contact Callidus Electric. Our electricians can look at:

  • What caused the smoking or burning?
  • Why didn't the circuit breaker shut down when needed?
  • What damage did the overload cause? 

We encourage you to contact our emergency services team in the event of a lightning strike or a power surge. Other reasons why people call our emergency services team includes: 

  1. Exposed wires 

Call an emergency electrician right away if you can visibly see exposed wires. Exposed wires that are not insulated can be extremely hazardous and cause harm.

  1. Burning smell

Shut off your electricity immediately and call our number for quick emergency service if you smell burning from your electrical system or the smell of burning plastic.

  1. Tripped circuit breaker

Overloading a circuit breaker can trip the unit off. Some parts of the home will lose power. While most people know how to reset the tripped circuit, we get calls from people who don't know how their circuit breaker works.

  1. Flickering lights

 While Flickering light is due to bulbs needing to be replaced, there is a chance that it can cause poor or loose connections within your light fixtures or wiring. Call an electrician as soon as possible if you notice flickering lights.

  1. Power turns off frequently 

There is an electrical problem inside your home if your lights are flickering on and off. Remember, safety comes first when it comes to electrical issues. Call our emergency electricians to have a technician visit your home if you have faulty wiring. 

  1. Sudden blackout

Power loss is a big concern. The first thing to do when you have a sudden blackout is to check with your neighbors. If it's only your house without power, check your powerhouse and then call for emergency electrical services. 

  1. Old wiring

Old wiring is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, which make the wire to expand and contract. You're dealing with a serious fire hazard if your wire expands and contract. Contact us immediately if you're experiencing this problem, and our team will arrive and help you replace your old wiring with a new copper wiring.

Schedule Your Emergency Electrical Services in Las Vegas

When you need an emergency electrician in Las Vegas, our certified electricians can promptly respond to your emergency service. We have multiple employees on call 24/7. We show up to troubleshoot and resolve your issue on time. Depending on your problem's source, our Las Vegas electricians will explain what has occurred and recommend a solution. Call us at (702)-403-4562 to learn more about our emergency electrical service in Las Vegas.




Emergency Electrician Las Vegas

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