Solar Panel Efficiency

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Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar Panel Efficiency

At Solarwyse, we know that solar panel efficiency is critical to our customers. For this reason, we have chosen to carry a few select brand names that have earned a reputation in the solar industry for providing excellence in performance and efficient solar harvest. If you’re building your own solar power system, consider our panels for optimum efficiency and minimum investment.

Why Solarwyse?

Unlike other solar companies that sell and recommend a wide range of products in hopes to sell to a broad spectrum of the population, we prefer to provide our customers with a handful of options we consider better-than-average products. Click the ‘Products’ link and scroll the menu to find ‘Solar Panels to find Hanwha, TrinaSolar, and CanadianSolar panels or reach out to a panel specialist from our team with your questions.

Comparing Solar Panel Efficiency

If you’re new to the solar scene, you naturally have many questions, concerns, and interests while shopping for panels. We’ve compiled what we believe is an exhaustive resource that is free to browse anytime you visit our site. Aside from a product page exclusively for panels, we are pleased to offer free access to our Solar Institute, where you can learn more about how solar energy works, how to choose the right system for your home or business, and how to optimize your system for exceptional performance. You’ll also find information throughout our website by visiting the FAQ section, ‘Services’, and ‘About’ pages.

Customized System Options

When you purchase a complete solar power system from us, we provide customized design options at no additional cost. In many cases, the perfect system design can be performed through a short phone interview. We’ll work closely with you to ensure a completed plan that meets your energy needs- we’ll also take a look at off-grid systems, grid-tie systems, and options for cabins, RVs, and boats if needed.

Maintaining Your System

Scheduling annual maintenance is an affordable way to ensure solar power efficiency is at its peak. It can be incredibly comforting to know that post-sale, our service technicians are always available to fix a performance issue, make a timely repair, or assess your system to make sure everything is functioning well. We can protect your solar investment with maintenance and ensure long life to your system’s components.

What Does It Mean Practically?

You’re probably wondering what kind of lifestyle changes your family or employees will need to make after going solar. You’ll be happy to learn that switching to solar energy does not mean giving up creature comforts or doing without the conveniences you’ve gotten used to. What it does mean is that you’ll need to spend more time being aware of the energy you use, ensuring exceptional solar power efficiency by not wasting energy. Turn off lights when you’re not in a room, minimize heating and cooling when you’re away for more than 4 hours, and use power as wisely as possible for best system performance.

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